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Yaoi After Dark 2007!

Yaoi After Dark
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Welcome to the Livejournal community for the one and only Yaoi After Dark panel, exclusive to Anime Weekend Atlanta! It has been a long time coming for this community, but I finally got off my ass and did something about it. This is a place where you can not only discuss the facets of YAD, but a place where the ever-growing yaoi community can become even closer-knit. A lot of life long friends are met not only online and through LJ, but through AWA and YAD as well. Please feel free to post your questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the panel here, but please take note of the rules. You know there have to be some. :)

Your moderators are heartflood, electramyst, sagejupiter, and siggster. :)


1. Perhaps most importantly there will be NO FLAMING OR TRASH TALKING! If I witness this, either in comments or posts, you will receive one warning and one warning only, then I will ban you from the community. Period.

2. You may post one moderately sized picture in the main community. The rest has to be under an LJ cut. Again, if I see someone breaking this rule, I will comment and tell you to edit the post. If you do not edit your post, I will delete it. That's pretty simple, ne?

3. At this time, I do not allow the posting of sales in this community. yaoiafterdark is a community regarding the Yaoi After Dark panel at AWA. I would like to keep things fairly focused on the panel. There are plenty of anime/yaoi/j-rock oriented trading and selling communities on Livejournal. On the same note, no advertising eBay sales.

4. Feel free to post and introduce yourself to the community, but please do not make irrelevant posts outside that. Yaoi is the topic, here, and more specifically, Yaoi After Dark. All off-topic posts will be deleted without warning.

I really hope this community will grow with your help. Just have fun and start posting!